Tips to Make Your EHR GoLive a Success

So, it’s finally here. You’ve jumped through all the hurdles, gone through all the training, and now…it’s almost time for GoLive. You and your staff might be feeling a bit nervous; after all, GoLive is a pretty big deal. There’s a lot that can go wrong here, and your imagination might be focusing on every single nightmare scenario.

Here’s the good news though; there are plenty of things you can do to help ensure GoLive goes smoothly for your team. Here are a few tips:

1. Schedule Smart

It’s important to schedule your GoLive smartly. For instance, Mondays are usually the busiest day for clinics. And, Fridays usually aren’t good because many of the things your staff will learn during GoLive will be forgotten by Monday.

Schedule your GoLive on a Tuesday or Wednesday; these are often slower days, and your staff will have several days in a row to use the new system by the time the weekend rolls around.

2. Avoid Holidays and Other Busy Times

Lots of people are away on vacation during holiday times; stress is also higher during peak times, especially the winter holiday season. So, it’s best to avoid this period for GoLive.

Flu season is often another bad time for GoLive since many clinics stay busy during an outbreak. Additionally, vendor meetings and conferences are good times to avoid a GoLive.

3. Consider a Pilot GoLive

Many clinics plan a pilot GoLive before they jump into the real thing. Think of the pilot as a “pre-GoLive” test. A pilot allows you to select a small team to test out the GoLive before the entire team or clinic jumps on board.

If you decide to do a pilot test, it’s important to specify how long the pilot will last, and who will be on the pilot team. It’s also important to document problems that come up during this time so that you, and the vendor, can address them before the real GoLive.

4. Make Sure Your Clinic is Ready

It’s important to make sure everyone on your team is ready for GoLive. How can you tell if your clinic is ready for EHR? Hopefully by now they’ve all gone through extensive training on the new system, and had a chance to address the questions they have. If you suspect someone is still lagging behind knowledge-wise, it’s highly important to address this before GoLive.

You should also go through to make sure there are workflows in place for:

  • Prescriptions
  • Office visits
  • Patient documentation (and for patients no longer at your clinic)
  • Chart information requests
  • Phone calls
  • Lab results
  • Referrals
  • Preloading
  • Downtime

It’s easy to forget a workflow for a key (or not so key!) area in your clinic, especially when you have so much going on. Make sure you go over your clinic’s workflow with a fine toothed comb to help ensure you haven’t forgotten anything before GoLive.

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