EHR Apps for Your Smartphone

One of the biggest advantages to EHR is that the technology gives doctors an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to patient information access. When a hospital or clinic installs EHR, doctors can log in using any computer, anywhere in the world.

However, depending on your vendor, you’ll soon have even more options. In fact, you might have these options already! For instance, a company called Practice Fusion, an EMR provider, just announced they’re working on developing a native app for iPhone and Android devices. The company demonstrated the pilot version of the apps on September 27, at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

Now, you can currently use a mobile device to log in to Practice Fusion’s EMR; the technology is called LogMeIn. However, the new app will allow doctors to log in directly from their mobile device; they’ll be able to do just about anything they could at the clinic: view patient records, write prescriptions, and look at charts. Practice Fusions app will also allow doctors to send patients messages from their phone, through the EHR.

Other vendors are already hard at work developing similar apps; some vendors already have these mobile apps in place. Handhelds are the future, and being able to access patient information from a mobile device will soon be the new standard.

For doctors and other medical staff, being able to access patient information and charts from their phone open up a new world of flexibility and patient care. Doctors will no longer be tied to a laptop or tablet device like the iPad. Anywhere they get data service on their phone can become their new clinic.

Revolutions such as this will likely continue as more firms get involved in medical IT. The healthcare IT industry is expected to grow by 24% through 2014, according to global research firm RNCOS. So, we can expect further innovations in the years to come that will dramatically improve patient care, and the quality of life for doctors and medical staff!


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