The Four Best Bets for EHR

As I’ve mentioned time and time again on this blog, there are literally hundreds (450+) of EHR systems out there. And, that number only keeps getting bigger.

This means if you’re a physician trying to research your options, you could spend months just gathering information. Here’s some good news, though. A new report put out by research and consulting firm IDC Health Insights, and published in Medscape News Today, has identified four vendors that truly stand out from the pack.

IDC examined 48 criteria from the top 8 leading vendors. These 48 criteria were broken up into two main categories: strategy and capabilities.

Here’s the good news: IDC expects that EHR adoption will reach 80% by 2016. These four top vendors, according to their report, look to be the strongest leaders in the field. They’re likely to survive as other, weaker vendors die off. Yes, it’s nature at its best: survival of the fittest. Well, these four vendors are the fittest of the pack.

1. Cerner

Cerner makes EHR systems for both in-patient and physician office settings. Cerner’s strength is it’s quality ambulatory product on a fully SaaS basis. It’s tech support is also strong.

2. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWork’s strength is the quality you get for the cost. The company prides itself on being a low-cost options for physicians and clinics. They’re also praised for being a SaaS pioneer, which will likely be even more important in the years to come.

3. NextGen

NextGen’s biggest strength is its highly customizable interface. Also, IDC found no “outstanding” weakness in NextGen’s system. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you already know that NextGen is by far my favorite system to work with. Want to find out more on this great system? Check out these posts:

The Benefits of NextGen

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4. Sage Group

Sage Group is a UK company that made the list because of their reporting and decision support. Their biggest strength, according to IDC, is their customer support, which “exceeded expectations”.

Your Next Steps

Thankfully, consulting firms like IDC are helping the healthcare industry sift through the mountains of options, and data, by providing reports like these. Without a doubt, this helps IT and healthcare professionals make more informed decisions when it comes to which vendor to choose for their EHR needs.


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