iPad 3 Offers Improved Uses for EHR

I’ve written in the past about the iPad, and its use in EHR adoption and use. Although the iPad isn’t perfect, it is a convenient and portable tablet doctors can use to show patients high-res images, quickly pull up information on the Internet, or even look at patient files from home.

Since the iPad 3 rollout in early March, doctors have been experimenting with using the new version in their clinics. And there are several features in the newest version of iPad that are helping doctors work more effectively with their EHR.

1. The Retina Display

By and large, the features doctors are happiest about is the new “retina display”. Images on the new tablet don’t look pixillated, as they often do on other devices. This can make diagnosis easier for physicians, especially when it comes to diagnosing fine injuries like hairline fractures.

2. Greater Processing Power

The iPad 3 has a A5X quad-core processor. This means that apps will run significantly faster than on other devices, even the iPad 2. For doctors trying to navigate through their EHR system, this faster processing power will really help speed things up, especially when it comes to loading images.

3. Voice Dictation

One of the most useful developments, for physicians, in the new iPad 3 is the ability to take down voice dictation. I haven’t seen anything about how accurate the device can take down medical terms, but in terms of jotting down patient notes, this little feature could save physicians a good deal of time.

4. More Apps

Many major EHR vendors, such as eClinical Works, are about to roll out a whole host of iPad apps geared to physicians and hospitals. Thanks to iPad 3’s greater processing power, using these apps will be more appealing for the medical community.

Of course, this doesn’t mean all the problems physicians complained about with iPad 2 are gone; the keys are still difficult to type with, especially when you’re holding the device. And since you can’t use a stylus, you can’t really sign your name. And, there are still major concerns about data security on the device. So, it’s far from perfect. But at least iPad 3 is a step in the right direction for what doctors need to use the device with patients, and with an EHR system.


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