New USB Stores Patient EHR

Here’s a nifty new development for you: SmartMetric just released a biometric USB keyring, called KeyringMedicalRecords that stores a patient’s electronic health records. The card is activated by the patient’s fingerprint; once their print is scanned, doctors can have access to all their records through a PC’s USB port. The device means that patient records can now be extremely portable.

The fingerprint scan  makes the device extremely secure; even if it’s lost, health records can’t be used by another person. Essentially, it’s “locked down” without the right print to open it. This also makes it more secure, in some respects, than the cloud. Many patients are hesitant about having their records on the cloud, and with good reason. The data breaches that plague some companies aren’t an issue with this device.

Of course, the device lags behind the cloud in that it likely won’t be updated as often. Patients are responsible for updating the device, which means that it could quickly become irrelevant and outdated for some people simply because they’re not updating their information.

One feature to the biometric card can even save lives. In the event of an emergency when the patient is unconscious, physicians can use an emergency on/off button to display the patient’s blood type, allergies, current medications, and any medical conditions.

Another feature I really like is the space; the USB device has 128 GB. This is enough room for doctors to store high resolution scans and video, as well as images like X-rays and mammograms.

So what do you think; is SmartMetric’s new biometric USB keyring a positive development, or do you think that it’s ultimately doomed to irrelevancy because patient’s won’t keep their health records up to date?

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