EHR Helps Track Cancer Cases

EHR is now being used to track cancer cases in the state of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky has developed a model that allows EHR to track and submit cancer cases to the state’s cancer registry.

The Lane Report, which broke the story today, reports that Kentucky has the highest rates of cancer than any other state. This model will allow oncologists to submit data to the registry and see real time results of cancer trends in the state.

The benefits are profound. Researchers will now have access to real-time cancer trends and statistic. Physicians will also be able to use this data to make better diagnoses and customize treatment. This real-time reporting might also help researchers identify why so Kentucky has so many cancer cases.

The model was officially launched October 19; five new cancer cases in Paducah, Kentucky were securely reported and submitted to the registry by Dr. Halden Ford using the Team Chart Concept EHR system. The Kentucky Cancer Registry is currently partnering with 43 other cancer centers to create a network of EHR reporting.

Physician reporting of new cancer cases is part of Meaningful Use, but won’t become a requirement until 2014. Kentucky has become a leader in this application in EHR, and I’m sure many other states will end up modeling their efforts after this system.

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